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Advantages of solar collector for swimming pool

2018-08-10 13:57:51

With the improvement of people's living standards, indoor swimming pools are becoming more and more common. At the same time, people's requirements for swimming comfort are also increasing. Thermostatic swimming pools came into being. However, in the swimming pool water heating using traditional energy; such as gas-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers and even the use of electric boilers, so that not only the consumption of conventional energy and expensive operation, swimming pool operators gradually overwhelmed. More importantly, the impact of traditional energy on the environment is greater and is being limited by national policies.
Solar collectors are devices that convert solar radiation energy into heat energy. Because the solar energy is relatively dispersed, we must try to concentrate it, so the collector is a key part of the use of solar energy devices. There are many different types of collectors and their matching systems for different purposes, with different names, such as solar cookers for cooking, solar water heaters for generating hot water, solar dryers for drying articles, solar furnaces for smelting metals, solar houses, solar thermal power stations, and solar seas. Water desalination device and so on.
The use of solar energy to heat the pool water is a mature technology for solar energy application. According to the information, about 70% of the solar hot water system in the United States is used in swimming pool water heating projects, the purpose is to maintain the swimming pool constant temperature and extend the use of swimming pool time, in recent years, the number of domestic projects in this area is increasing.
Advantages of solar energy swimming pool system: solar energy swimming pool heating system, energy saving, environmental protection, pollution-free and other obvious advantages, with a long-term investment benefits. At the same time, the opening time of swimming pool is prolonged by a large margin (usually 3-4 months), which improves the taste of swimming pool, and is more conducive to improving the economic benefits of operators.
Selection of solar energy swimming pool heat collection system: because of the large area of light, the number of collectors, so it is necessary to optimize the type of collector, according to the local environment and the actual heating load of the swimming pool, choose the best kind of collector cost-effective. The choice is: all glass vacuum tube, plate collector, rubber tube heat collector. Solar pool system operation: In the system operation, the large solar system mostly adopts the combination of constant temperature and forced cycle of temperature difference. Because of the instability of sunlight and the intermittent nature of day and night, the auxiliary heat source must be considered to ensure the daily heating load. Finally, the automatic operation control of the whole system and the automatic conversion of auxiliary heating and solar energy system need to be designed reasonably, safely and reliably.
Solar energy is a project which is strongly supported and developed by the state. Solar energy collection system can not only effectively solve the swimming pool water heating, low operating costs, and in line with the international and domestic advocacy of environmental protection and low-carbon economic policies. Moreover, its superior performance and practicality, suitable for all kinds of places without regional or environmental restrictions. As a result, the solar pool system has a great potential for development