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Attention to the selection and purchase of automobile seal

2018-07-28 10:34:29

First, good weather resistance and good weather resistance
Automobile sealing strip has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and weatherability, it can also play the role of shock proof and waterproof in use, so that in the car can bring us a more comfortable environment, in rainy days can also play a very good waterproof effect, no leakage, it can be glued to all kinds of light when sticking. The slippery surface material, and its back with the adhesive use more convenient, even in the high temperature environment will not fall off, its environmental protection is very good. It
Second, the foaming uniform foam is more uniform, good springback, no bubbles and no pores on the surface. It also has a good anti ultraviolet function in outdoor use, and its service life is very long. Such
How to choose?the first, according to the choice of the model of its own model, the lines of the car's door and window are different. According to their own car, the most suitable seal can be customized to ensure full sealing and waterproof. Second, completely clean up the old residue, ensure the fitness of the owner in the installation of the new car seal must clean the original residue, clean water after cleaning, it is best to be able to apply a professional protective agent, so that the seal can be more dense. The sealing strip of the third and the skylight must be selected because the skylight is exposed for a long time. Therefore, when selecting the car seal, we must carefully select the better quality silicone seal or rubber seal. At the same time, we should pay more attention to the maintenance.