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Choice of adhesive backed foam rubber

2018-06-21 09:08:45

PVC resin tube single blend modified material. The rubber strips made of polymer modifiers (usually cross-linked nitrile rubber or rubber chlorinated polyethylene) modified with PVC resin are generally called blended polyvinyl chloride elastomer seal strips or modified poly Vinyl chloride seal. Due to the addition of polymer modifiers, this material has improved resilience, high and low temperature resistance of the seal strips, and has high strength and aging resistance. The basic physical properties can reach GB/T12002 or JG/T187 standards. At a moderate price, it is common to use door and window weather strips for building construction.
Some companies produce seals with waste materials of varying quality and intricate composition, and do not add modifiers at the same time when they are blended in excessive amounts of fillers. They become highly filled PVC weather strips, which have poor strength and low elasticity. Easy to break. Some manufacturers have also added aromatic oils that replace plasticizers or heavy crude oils from refinery slags, making seals not only smell pungent, but also shrink and shrink in the short term, causing windows and doors to lose their sealing effect. Therefore, such strips must be banned from use. .
Ethylene-propylene/polypropylene cross-linked dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer (TPV). This is a kind of new material that has been established abroad and has domestic industry standards. Domestic and foreign building doors and windows are used. This TPV material has the same properties as the vulcanized EPDM rubber. Because of its good processability, small specific gravity, high windowing rate, and free of heavy metals and halogens, it is a new type of energy-saving and environment-friendly new material with high practical value.
High degree of polymerization resin cross-linked blended modified elastomeric material (TPE). The most important feature is that there is no need for a vulcanization process, but the use of thermoplastic molding methods can greatly shorten the molding cycle, and the waste can be recycled and reused, which is beneficial to saving money and energy saving. It is a promising material. Can be used as a substitute for vulcanized rubber. The modified PVC sealing strip has good compression set resistance and is considered by the National Construction Association as an alternative to EPDM as sealing strips and weather strips for windows and doors. Its performance is the same as that of TPV, but its raw material formula is different. At present, the sales price is slightly lower than TPV. For customers, it is a low-cost product that can improve the quality of doors and windows without increasing costs. With high marketing value, it has become the material of choice for mid- to high-end door and window manufacturers and export products.

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