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How to install heat pipe solar collector

2018-07-04 10:20:59

1. Plastic solar collectors, check whether thermal insulation meets the standard requirements. If there is any error, it should be replaced or adjusted in time.
2. It is best to install thermal insulation immediately after installing the heating system, which will reduce the risk of damage to the plastic solar collector.
3. Only dry insulating materials can be used, as wet insulating materials will lose insulation and even damage the function of the heating system.
4. Be careful when installing thermal insulation. Do not accidentally damage the heat tracing system.
5. Insulate the plastic solar collector and power cord only with a dedicated thermal insulation bushing.
6. Sealed at all joints of the steel holster and bushing with thermal insulation. Insulating materials should ensure good water resistance.
7. After installing the thermal insulation, measure the insulation resistance of each heating circuit again to ensure that the heating cable is not damaged during installation.