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How to solve PVC foaming?

2019-02-28 17:59:51

Problem: A workshop found that the PVC layer of the threshold was painted, topcoated, and bubbled after baking. After investigation, it was found that the batch of vehicles stayed in the PVC gel drying room during the one-week suspension period, before the spray booth was painted.



Reason: Because the PVC material is pre-gelatinized, although the material is dry, the cross-linking of PVC resin is far from complete. In a hot and humid environment, moisture will gradually penetrate into the surface and edge of the coating film. The moisture-absorbing material is baked and bubbles form when the water evaporates. In addition, if moisture penetrates into the bonding surface of the material and the board, it also affects the adhesion. In order to determine the maximum time that PVC can be placed after pre-baking, To avoid such problems from happening again, PVC suppliers have done relevant comparative tests in the laboratory. The test methods are as follows:
Protection method: If the pre-gelatinized PVC material is not baked, there will be a risk of bubbles after being placed for 4 days. Therefore, in case of long vacation (>3d), all the glued bodies should be baked in the workshop. To avoid bubbles in the PVC material.

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