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How to solve the problem of mixing air into PVC material?

2019-03-22 17:01:37

Problem: High-pressure airless spraying is applied in the PVC spraying and injection process. It is required that no air can be mixed into the material. Once the air enters the PVC material, it will emit a popping sound. The injected PVC material will have pores, such as "roasting." Bran", does not meet the sealing requirements.



Protection method: The defect treatment process generally removes the PVC with pores from the vehicle body, and discharges the PVC material mixed with air in the spray gun into the waste barrel. After a period of time, see if there is any explosion, check with oil brush Whether there are pores, if there are still pores, it is necessary to identify whether there is a problem with this batch of PVC material. The air in the PVC material may come from the production process of the material, or may be inadvertently inhaled during the feeding, so the feeding Posts must establish strict operating procedures to guide the feeder to reduce the pressure plate and discharge air.

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