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Improve door noise seal kit quality Awareness

2018-07-10 10:04:15

From the analysis of the mid-range door and window market,(door noise seal kit )the cost of sealing strips only accounts for 0.1-0.5% of the doors and windows. For the entire construction project, the cost is minimal, but the role of the sealing strip can not be underestimated. We have encountered a serious quality problem in the doors and windows of a high-end villa area. When the owner has not checked in, the door and window are leaked into the rainwater. After investigation, it is found that the seal is shrinking. As a result, all the products are replaced by Camo. The company saved a small amount of money but caused huge economic losses and reputational losses.
Therefore, we should start from the development of enterprises, supervision units, door and window enterprises, seal strip production enterprises and other aspects, improve the understanding of the door and window function and related seals, correctly handle the relationship between price and quality, for the production and use of standards-compliant seals Set aside reasonable price space.
Secondly, the relevant supervision and door and window enterprises should adhere to the standards for the procurement and use of sealing strips. Any substandard and inferior sealing strips that are not up to standard should not be used to regulate the building accessories market.

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