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Installation Precautions flat plate electric heater

2018-07-02 09:14:40

Flat electric heater composite pipe installation precautions:
(1) During the storage, transportation and installation of the flat electric heater sampling composite pipe, try to avoid dragging or immersing in the water and oil on the ground, so as not to damage the sheath and the insulation layer without water or oil.
(2) Detecting the flat electric heater and sampling conduit (closed by heat-shrinkable sleeve after detection). The composite pipe with anti-corrosion heat sampling was examined before construction and no damage was found.
(3) The installation of the flat electric heater composite pipe shall prevent the heavy objects from falling and being injured or damaged; the internal structure shall be damaged by human pedaling.
(4) Where there is a special protective measure to prevent the friction and friction, it must be placed in the bridge or dedicated pipe rack. Avoid laying with power cables.