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Installation considerations absorber plate

2018-06-26 09:35:34

Top Precautions for Installing EPDM Solar Heaters
1. When installing, it is forbidden to make hard folds or long-distance pulls and presses to make internal structures change. Special attention should be paid to prevent solar heating from scratching the outer insulation. (Structures repeatedly dragged inside for a long time must be affected)
2. When connecting solar heating, care should be taken not to exceed the maximum usable length. The maximum length used is 100 meters.
3. Solar heating reserves enough detachable length.
4. The location of the solar heat application should be close to the wall of the pipe in the position of the horizontal lower end of the pipe to keep the construction in close connection.
5. Winding method According to the installation factor, the construction is carried out to ensure that the heat tracer and the pipe are kept tightly combined with a plain appearance.
6. At the power source and tail end, the cable should be reserved for 1 meter. The two-way and three-way junction boxes should be reserved for 0.5 meters. The junction box should be fixed on the pipeline.
7. It is forbidden to bear the temperature higher than the maximum temperature of solar heating, and it is forbidden to be mixed with other solar heating methods.
8. Solar heating is non-metallic, use aluminum foil tape to increase the contact area.
9. It is strictly forbidden to use metal wire to bind the tropical heat to produce scars.