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Introduction to transparent soft curtain

2018-11-01 15:38:40

The clear plastic curtains is made of environmentally-friendly materials, which is not easy to shrink, has a small odor, and usually turns yellow after 3-5 years. It also has a good sound insulation effect, reducing the harm of noise to the human body. There are also many advantages in using transparent soft curtains in the production industry, which not only can beautify the production environment, but also improve production efficiency. Then, the next small series introduces the cleaning method of transparent soft curtain yellowing and the type of soft curtain.
Transparent soft curtains are easy to yellow, because transparent soft curtains are filled with antioxidants, so everyone should choose a good quality transparent soft curtain, which can extend the service life, but the price will be slightly more expensive. In the cleaning aspect, the dirt on the transparent soft curtain has a special cleaning agent, which can not only remove dirt, but also disinfect, and in the place where sunlight is exposed, it will affect the service life of the transparent soft curtain, so avoid sunlight.
Transparent soft curtain size
The size of the transparent soft curtains on the market is different, so the price is different. However, for the same transparent soft curtain, the larger the size, the higher the price. Or the thicker it is, it means that the material it consumes and the time it takes to make it. At this time, the price of the transparent curtain will naturally rise.

clear plastic curtains car door plastic strips chiller curtains
clear plastic curtains car door plastic strips chiller curtains


Type of soft curtain
Insect-proof soft curtain: mainly used in food processing workshops and warehouses. This insect-proof soft curtain has the effect of dispelling insects, which can reduce the entry of mosquitoes and also protect against wind.

Low temperature soft curtain: generally used in places with low temperature, such as cold storage, refrigeration and other areas. Even at minus ten degrees Celsius, the low temperature soft curtains remain soft and not brittle, making it easy for people to get in and out. Because this soft curtain is beautiful, light and easy to clean, more and more cold storage has begun to replace the traditional cotton curtain with it.

Anti-static soft curtain: It is generally used in places where the clean room has better environmental sanitation requirements, such as the machine room, clean room and anti-static requirements.

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door curtain pvc industrial pvc curtains curtain strips pvc


Isolation soft curtain: Isolation of the main function of the soft curtain to prevent injury to the worker's body and retina, mainly used in welding workshops to prevent arcing and other places. It also has breathability and is much more practical than installing doorways.


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