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Mashup installation inverter kits for sale

2018-07-16 10:18:20

(inverter kits for sale,solar kit)

In some low-floor communities, solar water heater pipes are basically from the air duct. Low-rise houses of this structure often have the phenomenon of installing solar-powered tropical hybrids. Because most of the solar water heaters will be installed on the roof, the phenomenon of mashups will not be easily found by users. After the fire in the electric heating belt, I did not know why. The following summarizes several serious mashups for your reference:
First, in order to save trouble, some developers share the entire unit solar tube with an insulation layer and take it from a shared air duct. If solar power heating cables are installed, this will cause problems such as electric heating crossover, uneven heating, and fire. The correct way is: a solar tube corresponds to a heating cable, and the insulation layer is installed independently; avoiding the electric heating belts intersecting each other in the air passage, and the heat generation is uneven and the fire occurs.
 Second, the roof solar power cable is bare, no waterproof insulation measures or no insulation treatment at all; causing electric power leakage, and other cables occur in parallel with the fire. The correct way is: do waterproof insulation treatment at each junction, do not put the joint into the air duct; and install leakage protection or open.
3. When the electric heating belt is applied to the pipeline, the binding is tight, and no appropriate margin is left where necessary. The degree of thermal expansion and contraction of the heating cable and the solar tube are different; when the water pipe encounters the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction of the hot water, the heating cable will be broken or broken; after the breaking, the exposed metal wire is also prone to danger. . The correct way is: apply the electric heating belt in parallel on the solar tube, it can be fixed, it is not easy to be too tight; the necessary place can be left with appropriate margin to prevent thermal expansion and contraction, and install the insulation layer.
Fourth, the use of ordinary transparent tape tying, resulting in fire when overheating or short circuit; ordinary scotch tape does not have flame retardant and temperature resistance, the adhesive surface will melt when exposed to heat. The correct way is: do not use ordinary transparent tape to bind, choose heat-resistant special pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or aluminum foil tape with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and flame retardant.

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