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Practical performance adhesive door seal strip

2018-06-25 10:28:13

Practical performance test:
1. Observe whether the surface of the strip is smooth, free from impurities, bubbles or jagged marks. The hand is delicate and soft. Highly filled soft PVC or EPDM weather strips have poor elasticity, rough surface, and large deformation.
2. Properly stretched without breaking by hand, quickly recover after bending. The high-filled soft PVC sealing strips have poor strength, one crack and one crack, and one tear.
3. Use nasal odor to feel whether there is aromatic odor. Some PVC sealing strips not only use scraps of different quality, but also excessively add fillers and low-molecular-weight aromatic oils or complex oil-refined oil residue heavy oils as plasticizer substitutes in the formulation. This product has a large odor just after leaving the factory. Over time, the composition evaporates more. The seal quickly becomes hard and brittle. As a result, the strip shrinks, loosens, and falls off. It is easy to crack and age and lose its sealing effect. As a result of the migration of aromatic oils or heavy oils, the profiles will also turn yellow.
4. Practical inspection: Insert the strip between the profile and the glass to check the suitability of the cross-section shape of the strip and its size. It is not much harder to press in the rubber strip, and the greater the strength of pulling out the glass, the better. If necessary, you can also find a professional third party testing agency to conduct watertight and airtight tests.

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