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The use and maintenance of plastic profiles for windows

2018-08-03 16:28:31

Plastic profile products are mainly used for window frames, staircase handrails, line grooves, skirting boards, special-shaped pipes, etc. The raw materials are mainly hard PVC, and a few are semi hard PVC, soft PVC, polyurethane low foaming materials.
The extrusion die is the core part of the extrusion production. The state of the extrusion die technology is directly related to the stability of the extrusion production, the quality of the extruded products, the efficiency of extrusion production and the service life of the die itself. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of plastic profile extrusion die is very important.
Open box inspection of 1. plastic extrusion dies after arrival
The packing is intact. After the box is opened, the packing list is taken out, the instructions and other technical documents are used. The contents of the packing list, the accessories, the special tools and so on are set up according to the contents of the packing list.
2. half requirements and status of plastic profile extrusion die
When the extruded material is the modified PVC, the molding parts are usually made of stainless steel and other materials with corrosion resistance, and are tempered to more than HRC24, so as to ensure a certain service life.
The working surface of moulds, moulds and their parts should be smooth, and there should be no such defects as bruises, scratches, burrs, attachments and corrosion.
The runner system of the die head should be gentle along the direction of the melt flow, so as to avoid the abrupt change of the section and the stagnant zone.
There should be a reliable location among the templates, and the repeatability error of the corresponding positions between the templates is not more than 0.03mm, and the joint surface and the combination of the extrusion die of the plastic profile extrusion die should be well close together, and the local clearance should not be more than 0.02mm.
"The cooling system and vacuum system of the mould should be smooth and unleaked. Generally speaking, the water and gas system should not collude with each other. The vacuum pipe joint of the extrusion die for plastic profile should be marked obviously, and the connection of the pipeline should not be affected.
Plastic profile extrusion die should be flexible to start and close, each section of the mold and the block in the water tank should ensure a certain degree of coaxiality.