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What should I do if the refrigerator door sealing strip is broken?

2018-11-09 14:33:40

I believe that there will be a refrigerator in every family. Do you notice the door seal strip of the refrigerator door? The reason why the refrigerator can be sealed depends on the sealing strip. If there is a problem with the sealing strip, it will affect the use of the refrigerator. Today, Xiaobian wants to tell everyone how to repair the sealing strip of the refrigerator door.

Introduction to refrigerator door sealing strip
The fridge door gasket seal of two parts, one is a soft polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) jacket and the other is a magnetic strip. The PVC jacket is made from extruded raw materials. The shape varies depending on the product, model, and design. Divided into different shapes, heights and lengths... The purpose is to match the design of the refrigerator. The magnetic strip is made by combining magnetic material and plasticizer, extruded and magnetized. Such door seals can also be used for sealing and insurance functions on sterilizers, water dispensers, display cabinets, and the like.

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Refrigerator door sealing strip maintenance method
Remove the refrigerator door from the cabinet and take a sharp knife to cut the joints at the four corners of the door seal. Remove the plastic magnetic strip from the door seal of the refrigerator and still suck it on the cabinet. Put the removed door seal into a basin filled with hot water of 55-65 degrees Celsius for 4-6 minutes, pick up the ends of the door seal by hand, and pull the door seal unevenly by force (the tension is not too large) In order to avoid breaking, put it on a flat glass, and then press it on the glass. After it is naturally cooled, the door seal will become flat and straight. If it does not work once, it can be repeated several times until the bump disappears. Due to the stretching, the length of the door seal after the above treatment is slightly longer than the original one. Therefore, the excess should be cut off by the original length and the end cut to a 45 degree bevel. Insert the magnetic strip into the door seal according to the procedure opposite to the disassembly, then replace the door seal with the original seal and glue the four corners of the door seal with 502 glue.

The above is the maintenance method for the refrigerator door sealing strip introduced for everyone. When there is a problem with the sealing strip, we don't need to hurry to find someone to help with the repair. We can also repair it ourselves, saving time and effort. hopefully this can provide beneficial help to everyone.


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