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What should I pay attention to when choosing sponge strips?

2019-02-20 15:42:35

After the steel knife and steel wire are installed, in order to prevent the die cutter from sticking to the paper during die cutting and indentation, and to make the paper smooth, the elastic sponge strip should be attached to both sides of the knife line. The role of elastic sponge strips in die cutting is very important, which directly affects the speed and quality of die cutting. In general, the sponge strip should be 3 to 5 mm higher than the die cutter. 2 If the distance between the die cutters is less than 8mm, the sponge tape with a hardness of HS600 should be selected. Generally, the sponge strip is cut into small pieces of about 3 cm, and the two pieces of sponge strips are glued to the side of the blade at intervals of about 3 cm. When the distance between the die cutter and the die cutter or between the die cutter and the indented steel wire is close, the entire length of the sponge strip is used to increase the spring force. If the sponge strip is installed close to the blade body, the sponge expands toward the side away from the blade when it is under pressure, causing the cardboard to be broken before being cut off, and the wire may be broken, which may cause the joint to swell, resulting in molding. The waste paper edge and the finished product are discrete, and the molded product cannot be taken out from the molded portion.



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