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circular solar panels

2018-06-27 10:12:43

The temperature in winter is relatively low. Whether it is an ordinary water pipe, a firefighting pipe, or an industrial oil pipe, etc.heat insulation is required to maintain the normal use of the pipeline. Traditional heat preservation methods such as hot water heating and steam heating are not respected by users because of various drawbacks. The sudden emergence of electric heating with tropical heating, environmental protection, saving, easy installation, is very popular with users. Solar panels are widely used in pipe anti-freeze insulation for no occasions, and there are different models of electric heating cables for different occasions. Commonly used self-limited temperature with tropical, constant power with tropical, MI stainless steel armored electric heating cable. Here, we will introduce the constant-power solar panels that are suitable for use in areas where high-heating and high-temperature heat-resistant heating cables are used. Generally speaking, the temperature requirement is not high, and the environment is not very complicated. The self-limited temperature heating cable can be used. When the temperature is higher and the environment is more complicated, a constant power cable is required. For example, the temperature of an industrial process pipeline needs to be maintained at about 85 degrees, and the maximum temperature of an ordinary self-limiting temperature heating system is about 100 degrees. When the actual heating cable runs through the heat tracing medium, there will be heat loss, so the self-limiting temperature heating cable is not suitable. The constant power electric heating cable has a high working temperature and is suitable for high temperature pipe insulation. In addition, the constant power output of the electric heating cable is constant, and it will not change with the changes of the external environment and other equipment materials and materials. Therefore, it is necessary to use a temperature controller to control the temperature within the required range when it is used.

circular solar panels miniature solar panels
circular solar panels miniature solar panels

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