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Jul 03,2018

Flat electric heater composite pipe installation precautions

Jul 02,2018

The temperature in winter is relatively low. Whether it is an ordinary water pipe, a firefighting pipe, or an industrial oil pipe, etc

Jun 27,2018

Top Precautions for Installing EPDM Solar Heaters

Jun 26,2018

Practical performance test

Jun 25,2018

PVC resin tube single blend modified material.

Jun 21,2018

Installation and use of building doors and windows require sealing strips to achieve a closed seal between the profile and the glass and between the fan and the frame.

Jun 20,2018

Monolithic solar cells cannot be used directly for power.

Jun 19,2018

Door and window seal tops are made of high quality atactic polypropylene as raw materials

Jun 15,2018

Door and window seal top composition structure

Jun 14,2018